About Us

Smart, Simple, & Efficient Healthcare For The Age Of Mobility

Healthcare is needlessly complex. Millions of patients suffer a harrowing experience with lack of access to quality care providers, uncertainty in treatment options, and spiraling costs causing much anxiety. On the other hand, not being healthy affects our self-esteem, confidence, productivity, and happiness.

At MedleyMed, we believe that technology provides an important part of the solution. Leveraging a best-in-class application stack, we are making the healthcare value chain more efficient. Improving outcomes, lowering costs, and matching supply and demand ensures that healthcare works for everyone—for patients and providers. Our work is making the experience of buying medicines online better.

Besides technology, we bring a collaborative approach to the table. All talk of creative destruction by startups aside, we believe that outcomes in the healthcare sector depend to a large degree on the expertise of providers. We have unconditional respect for this expertise and that is why we seek to work with existing players in a spirit of co-operation, rather than competition.

Our aspiration is to be a platform that brings together the different moving parts of the healthcare machine and ensure that they work together in harmony. Our technology expertise helps our partners reach new customers, improve service quality, and explore new revenue streams. We have a twin focus on ensuring better experiences for our customers and better growth for our partners.

Health Is Harmony

MedleyMed seeks to reimagine healthcare for the new age—with the patient at the centre. Our vision is to harness the power of technology to orchestrate the complex healthcare value chain for the benefit of patients. We are improving accessibility, reliability and affordability through efficient demand aggregation, supply chain reengineering and analytics.

As an innovative start-up led by a young team of thinkers and doers, we operate at the cutting edge of technology and health. Backed by the minds that built Athena Global Technologies into a successful IT services firm, our technology team brings together stellar experts with over two decades of experience in building world-class technology solutions.

We are differentiated by our collaborative approach in working together with existing healthcare players—physicians, Pharmacies, Diagnostic centres and Hospitals—to deliver convenient, affordable and hassle-free care to patients. Our aim is to create a vibrant ecosystem which helps both patients and our partners.

Using the innovative Medleymed technology applications we are well on the way to making a mobile device the gateway to a world of health services. From tele-consultations and diagnostics to buying medicines online and receiving a host of services. We take ownership of the total stakeholder experience and strive to deliver world-class care across touchpoints.

Our ethically driven approach means that you experience fair, empathetic and responsive service at every interaction. MedleyMed’s robust technology stack is built for speed, scale and security. Built using a high-watermark approach to compliance, our products and solutions comply with applicable healthcare regulations.

Health is harmony—the symbiotic and co-ordinated working of the human body. Similarly, our approach to delivering care builds on this principle. We ensure that we work with partners to complement their strengths in an environment of trust. Today, hundreds of partners and patients trust Medleymed—a number that will soon touch millions. Onward with our aspirations!

Company Highlights

Our Vision

Our endeavour is to make healthcare convenient and affordable for all the involved stakeholders. By bringing our proven expertise in technology, we work together with our partners—Doctors, Pharmacies, Diagnostic centres, and Hospitals—to make the healthcare ecosystem more efficient and effective.

Our Values

MedleyMed is a diverse group of talented individuals, each bringing unique skills and viewpoints. Yet, we are united in our pursuit of common values that form the bedrock of everything we do. It is these beliefs that hold us together and help us achieve our goals. At every interaction, you can be assured of experiencing these qualities.